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Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the set of technologies which enable the identity of an item to be transmitted to a receiver by radio . It is an example of the broad category of automatic identification technologies.

RFID usually involves two components:

  • (1) a tag or smart label which includes a unique ID and a wireless transmitter and
  • (2) a receiver.

There are many RFID applications, for example access control (tags in personnel badges, readers in door entry mechanisms); and retail checkout (tags on each item are read when cart passes the reader).

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a variety of techniques for quick conversion of CAD-generated product designs into useful, accurate physical models, typically using computer-controlled systems, such as 3D printers.

Raw Materials

Raw Materials are primary materials or substances that form the basis of manufactured goods, and include natural resources from mining, forestry, agricultural and fishing sources. From the point of view of a manufacturer, Raw Materials are the materials it buys to convert into products – for example, a metal furniture manufacturer will see sheet metal as a raw material.