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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, which is a way of managing food safety standards. HACCP starts by scoping the food handling operations, then lists the hazards capable of causing injury or illness if not controlled. Next, critical control points are identified. These are steps at which control can be applied and is required to reduce a hazard to an acceptable level.

This structure enables food safety management across production, procurement and handling, manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle

Although the exact definition may vary slightly from region to region, heavy commercial vehicles are those trucks, vans, and pickups with an allowed gross vehicle weight (GVW) above a certain weight. For example, to meet this description in Europe the maximum total weight of the vehicle and its full permitted load will exceed 3.5 tonnes.

Horizontal Integration

Horizontal Integration involves bringing together business activities which support the same level of the value chain in similar or different industries. This can be achieved by internal expansion or acquisition.

Horizontal integration can create opportunities for economies of scale and cost savings from rationalization.

Hub to Hub

A transport hub or transport interchange is a central location where passengers and cargo are exchanged across one or more modes of transport. In air transport, the term hub-to-hub is used to describe travel between large airports using large aircraft. Hub to hub capacity must be complemented with hub and spoke – or ‘regional’ services – to link origins and destinations to the hubs.

Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid manufacturing is a combination of continuous and discrete manufacturing. An example is beverage manufacturing where a continuous process for production of the liquid is linked to a bottling or canning line to package the liquid for distribution and sale.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) is a solution of hydrogen chloride mixed with water. This has many commercial applications and is used as a chemical reagent to cause specific chemical reactions. A major application is use as a cleaning or dissolving agent for industrial processes. It is also used in domestic household cleansers.